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1 - Do not post obscene or discuss politics or religion.

2 - Do not send the article title does not describe the contents of the article as: "????", "Click here to see me", "please", "Help me with" Good, "Admin", etc. .. These articles will be edited the title, but if the member remains in violation after posting prompted several times, the following articles will be deleted.

3 - To ask or discuss issues, you should include the title specific and concise so that readers know what you want to say before you post.

4 - Do not submit articles written in English with no spaces or send as VIQR. If you do not know how to type accented Vietnamese UNICODE, you can ask in the box "Feedback - Recommend" for specific instructions.

5 - Do not post in capital letters. These posts will be deleted immediately no matter what the content is.

6 - Do not send items bearing offensive, offensive, criticism, defamatory, using the words or not. These articles will be prompted or deleted depending on the content.

7 - Absolutely NOT send all the content relating to politics, religion and policies of the Party and State, or content NOT related to IT, Telecommunications. These posts will be deleted immediately. The articles on music, sports, culture, entertainment, hobbies can be sent in the box "Relaxing" but not too much abuse.

8 - Do not send all content for cracks, serials, hack program, mail bomb, virus, password ... These you can send private messages to ask. You have the right to present the lessons, discussion, exchange of experience on Security (hack, *****), but not direct instructions how to hack a specific system or ***** a particular program. The article violations will be deleted immediately.

9 - All articles ads, classifieds, introducing new website if you send more than 2 post the same content or similar content in one or more boxes will be removed at all.

10 - You are allowed to post articles or content entirely in English or French. Special: As a member of our website means that you agree to receive information notices, news updates and advertisements from our Site via e-mail that you have registration.





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